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  Mold Remediation
Mold is considered by many in the environmental industry as "the new asbestos" due to its pervasiveness in buildings, potential toxic side effects, and its recent entry into the environmental arena. Fungus and molds are a common problem in many buildings including homes, schools, hospitals, as well as industrial and commercial facilities. As long as moisture and oxygen are present, molds can grow on virtually any organic substance. Molds only need a food source to grow and reproduce. Mold can be found any place that moisture can gather; behind walls on drywall, above ceilings, inside HVAC systems, and in carpeting, wood, paper, foods, insulation, basements, and crawlspace areas.
The health affects on people varies from an allergic reaction to a state of toxicity. The appropriate health practice should be removal of occupants from the contaminated area and speedy remediation
At Northwest Abatement, our extensive experience has enabled us to assess appropriate and timely responses in any given facility or residence. After a thorough on-site survey, Northwest Abatement will provide you with an indepth analysis on the extent of contamination as well as a detailed scope of work for removal procedures and recommendations for restoration. Each project involving mold and other hazardous substances is unique and our response is always customized for each individual job. Mold cannot be dealt with in isolation. It's just one of many building components comprising a structure and at Northwest Abatement we recognize this in our approach to the problem.
All aspects of mold remediation management are addressed including replacement of materials, impact on other building elements and systems during removal. Other environmental concerns often accompany mold remediation, such as lead-based paint and asbestos. We are equipped to deal with these additional concerns as they occur, and are trained to recognize them as part of an entire project.
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